As time went, in the desert whenever you have a source of water it would immediately attract other forms of life such as birds. It began to hover over the well because nothing was living, it was a death valley. There was a tribe called Jurhum who were nomads in that particular area. Where did Jurhum come from? Jurham was a tribe that moved out of Yemen. Yemen was the birthplace of the Arab people and the Arabic language. And that is where the Arab tribes immigrated from, there were many mass immigration that happened from Yemen in different times. One of them was when the dam was destroyed and there is a whole chapter in the Quran called Saba which was the name of that kingdom.

There was for [the tribe of] Saba’ in their dwelling place a sign: two [fields of] gardens on the right and on the left. [They were told], “Eat from the provisions of your Lord and be grateful to Him. A good land [have you], and a forgiving Lord.” But they turned away [refusing], so We sent upon them the flood of the dam, and We replaced their two [fields of] gardens with gardens of bitter fruit, tamarisks and something of sparse lote trees. [By] that We repaid them because they disbelieved. And do We [thus] repay except the ungrateful?. And We placed between them and the cities which We had blessed [many] visible cities. And We determined between them the [distances of] journey, [saying], “Travel between them by night or day in safety.” But [insolently] they said, “Our Lord, lengthen the distance between our journeys,” and wronged themselves, so We made them narrations and dispersed them in total dispersion. Indeed in that are signs for everyone patient and grateful. — Quran (34, 15-19)

Allah(swt) tells us a story that, they were people who built the first dam in the world and because of that dam they had all year round source of water, there isn’t a lot of rain in Arabia and the precipitation level is low but because of this dam they had a year round source of water, which brought a massive network of irrigation that went for hundreds of miles. Suddenly you have this semi Arab area holding a huge population because of the existence of water. History recorded, that there are some stories although they might be exaggeration which says, a woman would travel and go out of their house with a empty basket, only to return with the basket on her head full of fruits, the fruits just dropping from the trees. It state in the Quran that because of their wealth and the cultivation they had, they didn’t feel any pain in travelling as it was a continuous series of colonies wherever they went. There would be villages and towns and there was so much wealth that they did not feel the suffering and the difficulty of travelling like the rest of the people around the world did. What happened later, the people residing there detach themselves from the blessing they received and because of their arrogance and disbelieve in Allah(swt) they exclaim “We want to feel pain of travelling like everyone else.” Surprising, they invoke their lord “Allah make it difficult on us just like everybody else”, in response of this Allah(swt) did make it difficult on them and not only that, they rejected the message of Allah(swt) so Allah(swt) destroyed the dam.

The dam was destroyed and it flooded the area.

Suddenly all of their agriculture collapsed. That’s where you had a huge wave of immigration which spread the Arab people out of Yemen into Najr, Hijaz, Iraq and Sham. Some tribes settling in Oman, others settled in Najr and so on. The tribe name Al Aws and Khazraj settled in Medina and then of course you have a few more of the Arab tribes going to Syria. This is how the Arab people spread out of their small locality in Yemen. The reason for the background history is because Jurhum was one of these tribes. However Jurhum might have emigrated from Yemen before the dam Allah knows best, but they are one of the tribes that ended up moving out of Yemen and went into Hijaz.

They were familiar with the area around Mecca and they knew that there was no water in that area. So when they saw birds hovering in the sky they wondered what was going on in that place, they then sent someone to go and investigate the matter. The two men went and they came back to report to their clan, Jurhum then go to the place where Zamzam is located

They ask Hajar(as) a strange question and they get a stranger answer.

They told Hajar(as) “Can we settle in this place?”. Now the reason why this question is strange is because this is a tribe of warriors and here they are getting permission from one woman with her child, if they want they could have just pushed her away. But they were very kind to ask her permission to stay there even though it was an empty space, there was nobody living there. And her answer was more amazing because she started to bargain and negotiate with them. Incredible, I mean here you have a woman who is alone with no power nor strength, no weapons no army to help her and she’s negotiating and bargaining with them, Hajar(as) told them “Well if you want to stay I have a condition and that is the water belongs to us. You can stay here but the water is mine. The well belongs to me”. They agreed but Rasul’Allah (saw) says “deep in her hearts she wanted them to stay from the beginning” because she wanted to have people around, but she was just negotiating with them to get a better deal. he got the deal and Jurham ended up settling in that area which later became known as ‘Mecca’.

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