The Answers To Your Question Is Within You

Why is it that I can’t seem to stick to my goals and what is it that keep me bouncing off my target to achieve. I mean some days I’m so laser focus but other days I am easily distracted. Of course we all human and I ain’t trying to say I’m perfect, so I’m aware like a weather we too go through stages. One good and other not so good day, we just gotta brace onto the handle bar when we’re in a roller coaster.

Have a goal to hit the target, goals make you become who you want to. Don’t stop when you tick your goals, set another one. For you grow to become a better version every single time, otherwise it’s the opposite.

How about yourself?

Have you ever gone through trying to stick to your goals, and it ain’t exactly touching the finish line?

You know lot of people suffer from the same, swaying off the goals and going in circle. We get all strong and ready to glue our goals only to find that it ain’t super glue. We fall back for a bit and use up another lot of energy, to push the ‘start button’ again.

The Root

We wanna find out what is the cause of it. One of the main reasons is a lack of commitment to our goals. Without commitment, a goal gonna fade and the importance in priority dwindles. It is so much easier to pull into temptation of noise about leaving it, to the stage you might wanna quit. They start to become more attractive to weigh against the good that will come out of it, especially when failure causes setbacks and delays.

Goals provide the energy source that powers our lives. One of the best ways we can get the most from the energy we have is to focus it. That is what goals can do for us; Concentrate our energy. – Denis Waitley

But on the flip side, if you’re hardcore on your commitment and hold onto that with a clench fist. Then remind yourself of the better side coming ahead on your way. You will develop perseverance and fulfill your ability to achieve your goals.

First The Most Important

When you set your goal one at a time, you gotta make sure your 100% confident behind that goals. It’s high on the list, meaning you have to make sure that every goal you set is of fundamentally important to you. I know it ain’t easy because we try to trick ourselves that we think we want something, when in actual reality it is base on what our eyes can see of capabilities.

Set goals that you feel comfortable, as this will make your heart feel right of the possibilities. It is heavily important to be honest with yourself because there’s no getting away with how you feel. Take your time to think about your goals, you would normally sit down in a nice cosy sofa by positioning yourself to feel good seated. So you gotta set your goals with your heart till it feel good. Raise these questions to get the answer from within. Why do you want it so much? What are you gonna gain out of this achievement? What outcome do you think you’ll get? How will you feel once accomplished?

That’s where you wanna keep track of your goals and even memorise it to ensure you play it in your mind over and over again. This will strengthen your commitment from sliding away. And for your effort, are you willing to make a sacrifice? If it’s a positive Yes, then you’re half way there. All you gotta do is make a move next.

Refresh and Renew

Every day live your life for your goals (not to mention that in your journey enjoy every moment living in the now too). Give everything you got, to get there non stop. Refresh each morning and renew your commitment. It’s better to commit to your goal when you remind your heart the joy behind the process, so that it is refreshed and your motivation is up the roof. But mainly be sure to stick to the word commitment – by any mean necessary!

Every morning make a habit to think about your goal and remind yourself why you are doing it in the first place. Jogging back your memory to emphasize how dear it is of your goal. Make a domino effect, every day do as much as you can which will have a knock-on effect, getting closer each day to your achievement.

What’s Going On?

Okay this part you don’t wanna know but it’s best to keep this at the back of your head, so that you‘re prepared. Your back-up plan, what are you gonna do if it ain’t going the way you thought it should? How will you respond and is it gonna have a negative impact on you?

Two reason to analyse your answers; First if you ain’t scared of the outcome then your goals ain’t big enough. Your goal gotta be your life so that you got so much to lose if you don’t follow through. Secondly you can bounce back for you took all the necessary steps.

Going All Out

You gonna head for your goals because only you can make the move and ain’t no one gonna do it for you until you’re made. Equip yourself with determination and action is your friend. Knock out the enemy of procrastination and hit the gym or other hobby to wipe out inactivity, they’re nothing but a bad habit waiting to launch on you till it is shattered. Go with the flow, instead exchange these bad into good habits because those time can be replace with positive activity. The more you are committed and packed with determination, the more you will make it happen and it be more easier to jump onto another big goal.


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