The associate of the king was blind and he came to this young boy to cure him because he studied under the sorcerer to qualify, now he is the expert people go to him. When the associate went to meet up the young boy told him “I cannot heal you but Allah can heal you, Allah can do it”, then he healed the man. The blind man who is now cured went to the king and the king told them “Who cured you?”, the man said “Allah”. The King said “and do you have a God other than me” The man said “Yes, Allah is my lord and your lord”. Upon hearing, the king tortured this friend of his and told him to disclose the name of the person who taught him this. Under the persecution he gave up the name and said it is the young boy. They brought in the boy and started to torture him, the boy under direct hardship and pain did give up the name of his teacher; the priest. He could not sustained the pain and suffering that he was going through, so he disclosed the name. After that they brought the priest and told the priest to give up his religion but he refused, so they brought a saw and they placed it on top of his head and they cut him into two. Still he refused to give up his religion. This is the courage that he had, the perseverance and the patience. He gave up his life. He was tortured brutally but he never gave up his religion.

Next In Line Is The Boy

Now they’re left with the boy, the king ordered a group of his soldiers to carry this boy and throw him from the top of a cliff. They carried the boy and Subhan’Allah, Allah was performing Karamah on the hand of this boy. Karamah is a miracle that would occur to a non-prophet while miracles happen to the prophets. That’s the difference between mu’jizah and karamah. To clarify mu’jizah happens to a prophet and karamah happens to a person who is not a prophet but they are both supernatural events. Back to the story, this boy made dua to Allah and said “Oh Allah take care of them the way you want. I’m going to leave it up to you”. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala made them reach the top of the cliff and then the cliff started to shake resulting all of the soldiers to fall down except he. The boy walked back and entered into the palace of the King, “Here I am again”. The king appointed another group of soldiers to take him, obviously soldiers are disposable with this king. He appointed a new group of soldiers to take him into a ship and when they reach into the deep water just throw him in the water. They were on this boat and he made the same dua again “Oh Allah take care of them the way you want to”. The boat capsized and they all drown except he.

In The Name Of Allah

He went back to safety and went to see the king, when the king was ready to appoint the third group of soldiers to take him. The boy told him “Wait, you’re not going to be able to kill me unless you do what I tell you” the king told him “What is it?”. The boy said “You tie me to a tree, you gather everyone and you bring an arrow and you say Bismillah the lord of the boy”, then you will be able to kill me. The boy told him the prescription of how to kill him and this is one of the many evidences given for the justification of what is referred to as martyrdom operation. These are one of the evidence given that it is allowed obviously there are restrictions on when it is allowed and where. But the concept itself of a person giving up their life for Allah is a valid one, base on this evidence and many others. Simply because he told the king how it is possible to get rid of him if he didn’t he would have survived, so he basically told the king how to kill him. But the boy did it for a noble cause. What happen is that the King followed the instructions and publicly said “In the name of Allah, the Lord of the boy” and the arrow hit him right in his head, he immediately died but the result of that action was that everyone who attended in the gathering became Muslims, you can see he did it for dawah. He gave up his life so that everyone else would live because a person is dead without Islam.

Oh mother be patient because you are following the true path

The advisers of the King told him “What you were afraid of happened”. I mean the whole purpose of killing this boy is to get rid of this religion and here we are stuck with our whole nation becoming Muslims, actually in this situation Christian but it is Islam. It is the oneness of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Dhu Nuwas instructed his soldiers to dig trenches, after they dig trenches they fill them up with wood and ignite them. Anyone who refuses to give up their religion were forced into the fire. They would bring loads of people and burned them alive, and these are people who were holding firm to their faith and they didn’t give up. Rasul’Allah (saw) says “There was a woman with her child in her arms, an infant and she was walking towards the fire. But then she hesitated” imagine a mother carrying her infant so she hesitated for a while and then Rasul’Allah (saw) says but the infant spoke. The infant said “Oh Mother be patient because you are following the true path” and she jumped in the fire. Rasul’Allah (saw) says “There are three who spoke in younger age, this infant was one of them”.

That Is The Great Victory

This story was recorded in Surah Al Burooj referring to the story. Surah Al Burooj talks about the ones who are burned, the people of the trench. Now even though these people were burned alive and they cease to exist and the King won. But Allah (swt) said that the Muslims were victorious. That’s interesting because these people were killed, they did not establish any Khilafah and the King won. How come Allah not only call it victory, Allah said ‘That is the Great Victory’. Why? How come these people lost in terms of worldly standards. Nevertheless they are still called victorious. Victory in their regard is the fact that they were able to hold firm on their faith until the last moment. They never gave up, that is victory. Entering in Jannah is victory. So even though they did not survive in Duniya. But they were able to hold firm on their religion. That mean the father of Ammar, Yasir has won. Summayah has won, Hamza Abdul Muttalib even though he was killed in the battlefield he has won.They have won in the eternal sense of winning even though they might have lost in a temporary battle in dunya. But the eternal battle they have won it because they have entered Jannah and Allah says ‘That is the great victory’.

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