We were discussing about the great grandfather of the Messenger of Allah(ﷺ) Hashim, and will continue before moving onto his grandfather. Hashim went on to get married from Medina, he then travel to Palestine to do business and that is where he passed away in Gaza. Hashim died and was buried in Gaza. His wife became pregnant and she gave birth to a child name Shaybah, Shaybah means ‘old man’. But why would anybody call a child Shaybah? The reason is because he was born with some grey hair, hence the name Shaybah. When his father passed away the mother stayed with her parents in Medina, where she brought him up with his family in Medina. One day a man comes to Medina whose name is Al Muttalib and Al Muttalib is Hashim’s brother. He went to Medina because he want to claim his nephew, as Hashim’s son Shaybah was living there. His uncle Al Muttalib came to claim him when he was eight years old or around that age and said “We want to take him back to his land in Mecca”. The mother’s side of the family refused to give him up but then Al Muttalib was able to convince them. By saying that he belongs to the most noble family of Quraish and he has to go back to learn about his heritage and learn about his family, in order to assume responsibilities in Mecca. Eventually they agreed to allow him to go, so Al Muttalib took with him the child into Mecca. Nobody in Mecca has ever seen this child before and in those days slavery was quite rampant. They would go out to the market and buy a slave, next thing you know they just walk in with the slave to Mecca. Since this boy was never seen in Mecca before, they assumed he’s a slave of Al Muttalib. They started calling him Abdul Muttalib and this is the grandfather of Rasul’Allah (saw). His real name was Shaybah but he was nicknamed Abdul Muttalib because they thought that he was a slave of his uncle.

Uncovering The Secret

We got far as far as the grandfather of Rasul’Allah (ﷺ) , we mentioned about Ibrahim and Ismael. We went through the history of Qusai, then Hashim and finally about Abdul Muttalib. Now we’ll spend some time on Abdul Muttalib because a couple of important events happened to him. If we remember that the well of Zamzam was now unknown for sometime because of Jurhum, they filled it up and erased all of its marks. That meant Zamzam has not been known for about 300 years because Khuza’ah had ruled over Mecca for about 300 years. Then you add to that the time from Qusai ibn Kilab all the way down to Abdul Mutalib, which is about 300 years plus. Abdul Muttalib sees a dream that someone comes to him and tells him dig Taiba”, Taiba means pure. Abdul Muttalib in his dream is responding and saying “what is Taiba?”, he doesn’t hear anything back and that was the end of the dream. The following night the same voice comes to him and tells him “dig the precious”, Abdul Muttalib says what is the precious? he doesn’t hear an answer back. The third night the voice comes to him and tells him  dig Zamzam”. Abdul Muttalib asks “and what is Zamzam?” the voice tells him “ it will never fail or dry up, it will water the grand pilgrim. It lies between the dung and the blood. Near the nest of the crow with the white leg and the ants nest”. So it’s symbols and Abdul Muttalib is unable to decode all of these symbols.

Decoding The Dream

Zamzam it never runs out of water”, he heard the voice in his dream telling him that Zamzam will never run out of water “and it will provide for the grand pilgrim” meaning Hajj every year and it will be sufficient to provide water for them. But then it goes into saying between dung and blood” and then “crow with the white leg nest of ants”, so all of these are obscure things for Abdul Muttalib. The next day he was going around the Kaaba and he sees dung and blood, there was a camel that was slaughtered in that place and they left its’ inside and the blood was on the other side. He saw a crow with the white leg in the same area and there was an colony of ants. Abdul Muttalib realised that ‘This is where the well of my grandfather is‘. He calls his son Harith and they start digging and digging. Zamzam for those of you who have been to Mecca, it’s not far away from Al-Kaaba and so here you have Al Muttalib and his son digging right next to Al-Kaaba. Obviously this would anger the people of Quraish, I mean what are you doing here? You’re digging right next to the Kaaba. They told him what are you doing? Abdul Muttalib continued working and they kept on protesting but he was still digging with his son Al Harith. At the time Abdul Muttalib only had one son, they were digging and digging, the people are wondering what’s going on what is this man digging for? What is he looking for? they left him alone. Then suddenly they heard Abdul Muttalib shout praising Allah (swt) and they came rushing, to their amazement they found that Abdul Muttalib has uncovered the rim of the well of Zamzam. Now all of the leaders of Quraish came in and said “Oh this is the well of our grandfather Ismael. This belongs to all of us. Let’s share”. Abdul Muttalib said “Wait a minute! I was the one who saw the dream. I was the one who uncovered it. IT BELONGS TO ME AND ME ALONE”. They said no way, we are all descendants of Ismael (as) so it belongs to all of us. Abdul Muttalib refused to give up, he refused and they kept on insisting. They were unable to solve the dispute and they were about to go to war over this.

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