Difficult time are meant to bring you closer to the Almighty. So if you’re having a rough day or tough month, be calm. Let His Plan Unfold. — Mufti Menk

When Musa(as) was traveling in a cold windy night with his family, he got lost in the desert. He didn’t know which direction was toward Egypt. Musa(as) then saw a fire in the distance, so he told his wife “I will go to that fire so that I can bring you with light and guidance.” He wanted to bring light for two reason because it was a dark night to light up for it, he also wanted to have some warmth in the cold weather and lastly he wanted guidance, a direction to Egypt. He expected people there since there is a fire for it’s a good chance someone set up fireplace camping around it that there is a there must be some people there. Musa(as) thought I’ll go and ask them for directions. That’s all what Musa(as) wanted, he wanted some light for that dark night and he wanted guidance to Egypt but Allah(swt) was hiding something better for him.

Light and guidance for humanity

Allah(swt) tells us the story in Quran when Musa went there he met Allah and Allah spoke to him. But rather than Musa(as) going back with light for that dark night and guidance to Egypt, he came back with light for humanity and he came back with guidance not to Egypt but to Jannah. He went there and that was the announcement of his prophethood, it was right then and there. Musa(as) lost in the desert went to the fire, Allah(swt) told him. “I am Allah. There is no God besides me, worship me and established prayer in my name”. Musa(as) wanted something but he got something better. Same with the Sahaba(ra), they would go through difficulties. But Allah(swt) reserved for them the top levels of Jannah. Let’s think about this when we ourselves go through moments of difficult.

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