If you wanna know where you’re going in terms of how close you are achieving your dream, then one word you’ll need to hug in your journey with all your might. That is;


Yes that’s right persistent can be overlook when we immerse into multiple task. It ain’t the most glamorous word and it sure don’t hit any excitement. But when you look at it, persistent is nothing more than repeat effort so it tend to bring boredom to the mind until it bear the fruits. If we stick to our routine we must remind our self why we doing it in the first place. It’s a hard sound to swallow, it exert energy both in mind and body. Not only are you applying action on a continuous move but since you ain’t seen the reward it gonna need double effort. You be telling yourself to keep going by expanding the projector right in front of you displaying imagination of your dream, which is your end result. You gotta know the secret of all achievement and success is hidden in the word persistent. This is the power that transform lives by holding onto this key.

Never Stop Until You See The light Of Your Dream

You gotta keep going even if the road is hard, throw in another pair of trainers if it wear out but just keep moving. I’m not talking about non stop physical workout and I’m sure you get the drift. Put out a brain storm map of your dream by breaking it down to small goals because you can’t eat an apple with one bite. One at a time you learn to mold your behavior toward completing what you got do to reach your dream. My mentor would be out there constantly producing digital contents like a never ending train. Mind you I gotta pace up on that, as usual I am writing and advising myself to get a move on. Don’t get me wrong you might be on the fitness side or physical activity you want to achieve and this method also need applies too. I totally get that from being a former boxer to now loving a day out jogging which is totally relatable. Regular jogging can’t be done without persistent, and that makes all the more enjoyable after first few attempt. Including skipping were part of every day training during boxing era, so much that I went on to break the record of holding the longest time skipping! All because I was persistence from the beginning and my end goal was winning fights.

Keep doing what you gotta do, to get what you gotta get. Never stop just because you ain’t getting the credit.

Back to the point, persistence allow us to create powerful habit that become second nature to perform. Careful not to let it slide because it only make you start a step back, leading you to form that habit again when you could have move on to the next level. You gotta keep moving to see them seeds growing of what you plant in the first step.

I have seen many come and go and from the words told by one of my mentor. He would witness big numbers attend his workshops and seminars, most say what they will do it in high emotion but none act upon it. Other survived and progress up the ladder although it became too steep to carry on. You gotta discipline yourself first to take action in order to be persistence, they are part of the package you’re willing to take because dreams are special. You’re worth it, go get that dream. It will change your life

The road is tough and slow but after all the struggle, know that your dream is alive because you’re worth it.

Every now and then you might feel laid back to skip your task connected to your dream, it usually happen on a regularly basis. Here is the hint, your willpower is on full bar in the morning so try to focus on the most important task first, prioritize them early and then schedule the rest accordingly.

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