Abdul Muttalib refused to give up for he is the one who discovered the well of Zamzam and everyone intervene to have their name tagged attach to it, but he refused and they kept on insisting. When they were unable to solve the dispute and they were about to go to war over this. Someone suggested to them “let’s solve the dispute by going to the witch of Bani Saad“, they had a witch who claimed to have connection with the spirits. “let’s go to her and seek a consultation“. They travelled to this witch and they were told that she has relocated to Syria, they said “Well, we’ll follow her wherever she is“. They started their journey towards a Sham, along the way they ran out of water. They were in the middle of nowhere in the desert, death was around the corner. Abdul Muttalib told them “if we’re going to die here. Let’s dig our graves and whenever one of us dies. The rest could put him in the grave and cover him. So in the end we’ll be left with one person uncovered rather than have all of us die exposed. At least let’s honor our dead and have one that is without burial rather than all”. They all dug their graves and they were laying inside their graves waiting for death.

This is not right for men like us to sit here waiting for death

Sometime later Abdul Muttalib realised “This is not right for men like us to sit here waiting for death, let’s do something. Let’s go and search for water“. They agreed and they went in different directions searching for water. After a short while later Abdul Muttalib found water. To their surprise they came to him and said “”If Allah has saved you in this desert and provided you with water and Allah has shown you a dream in which you uncovered the well of the Zamzam then this is surely an indication. That’s a blessing for you and it belongs to you. We give up our claim. It’s all yours. Let’s go back“. They gave it up, they agreed to Abdul Muttalib and it was his. This is one important story that happened to the Abdul Muttalib.

Your strength is base on how many men you have

Now when the whole incident happened, where they pressurised him saying this well belongs to all of them. Abdul Muttalib felt that he was weak because he has only one son to defend him. Imagine in the tribal society when your strength is based on how many men you have on your side, you can only count on your blood and relatives. That is how life in the desert is. Your strength is based on how many men you have with you, how many uncles, brothers and sons. That was the strength. Hence the reason why Abdul Muttalib felt weak because he has only one son on his side, Harith. In that moment he said “Oh Allah, if you bestow me with 10 sons I will sacrifice one of them for your sake“. Allah (swt) did bless him with 10 male sons, altogether he had 10 sons and six daughters. It was time for him to fulfill his promise to Allah that he will sacrifice one of them. In those day they had these arrows next to a Hubal, Hubal is one of their large idols. They believe that these arrows were divine so they would cast lots which they would leave their choices, leaving the decision up to this random way of casting lots. Abdul Muttalib had the names of every one of his ten sons on these arrows. What happened? It came on Abdullah, he did that the second time still it came on Abdullah; a third time it came on Abdullah. Finally Abdul Muttalib took his son Abdullah with him right next to a Kaaba and he was ready with a knife to slaughter him. Abu Talib one of the elder sons of Abdul Muttalib went to his father and said “We cannot allow you to kill your son”. The maternal relatives of Abdullah got involved saying “We’re not going to allow you to kill our son”. People were coming left and right, they were telling Abdul Muttalib “If you do it, then it will become Sunnah for the Arabs after you” because Abdul Muttalib was their leader. What they were trying to say is, if he did something like that then it would become a trend afterward. “If you do it, then any one of us after that. Those who has 10 sons will follow your footstep, we’d be killing each other”. I mean if you look back, they were already killing their daughters and now they’ll start killing their sons. Most insisted on Abdul Muttalib not to do it, Abdul Muttalib told them “This was a pledge that I made to Allah. I cannot give it up. I cannot break my promise”. They respond “No you have to stop it” this went on until they had a dispute.

What is the solution?

How can they solve this dispute? “Let’s go to the witch“. They decided to go and visit the witch again, they went to the witch and they told her the whole situation. She said “Alright, come back to me tomorrow so that I can consult my spirits this evening.Tonight I’ll speak to the Jinn“. They came back the next day and she had an answer for them. She told them “What is the retribution that you pay to a person that was killed? the blood money? How much is it?”, they said “10 camels“. She said “Then put 10 camels on one side and put Abdullah on the other side. Cast a lot and if it points toward the camel then slaughter the camel. If it points towards Abdullah then add another to the camels“. They agreed and they went back to Abdul Muttalib with all of the people of Quraish. They came together, Abdullah on one side and the camels on the other side. They threw the dice (the arrows) and it pointed toward Abdullah, they add another 10 camels. It pointed toward Abdullah, add another 10. This continued up to 30 40 50 60 and it’s still pointing toward Abdullah, all the way until 100. They had 100 camels on one side, Abdullah on the other side, finally it pointed toward the camels. The people of Quraish said “Finally we can release your son“. Abdul Muttalib turned around and said said “Not yet“. He’ll have to do it another time, cast lot the second time, cast lot a third time. It was consistently pointing toward the camels. He found it to be true so they slaughter the camels, he had 100 camels slaughtered and he had to pay for it all.

Abdul Muttalib is the one who fed the humans and the animals

Abdul Muttalib was a very generous man, he refuse to take any of that meat. He gave it away, there was so much meat that the people would take so much of it. But there were still enough to feed the birds and to feed the beasts. Later on they would say and it became famous among the Arabs that ‘Abdul Muttalib is the one who fed the humans and the animals. He is the one who even fed the birds in the sky’. We’ll discuss later about an incident when the same topic was brought up in a conversation with Abu Bakr and one leader of a clan. You see, the people of Quraish were right when they told Abdul Muttalib that “If you kill your son, it will become a tradition among the Arabs after you”. Why? because when Abdul Muttalib sacrificed 100 camels to save his son, the blood money among them change from 10 camels to 100. All because of what happened with Abdul Muttalib, the retribution that is paid out was one hundred rather than ten. On the side note, this tradition was kept and reserved by Islam. The compensation is still today 100 camels, however it is in currency so they would calculate it in terms of currency. But it is base on that concept.

You are the son of the two sacrificed one

This is the story of Abdullah, Abdullah married Amina. They are the parents of Rasul’Allah (saw). Later on they would tell Muhammad (saw) that ‘You are the son of the two sacrificed ones’. Who are they? Who is the two sacrificed ones? Ismael and Abdullah. Rasul’Allah (saw) is a son of the two sacrificed one, his father Abdullah was sacrificed and his father Ismael (as) was sacrificed. We are done with the ancestry of Rasul’Allah (saw).

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