Most of you who’s been dancing in the millionaire’s club more likely have come across Napoleon Hill one way or another, for he knows the underground secrets of pulling riches. You gotta respect the man with such confidence, during his lifetime he made more millionaires than anyone before… massive credit to his billionaire mentor Andrew Carnegie. I’m pretty sure you agree it had a lasting effect to those insiders, truly a clear evidence shown in the eyes of entrepreneurs and the like of it. Everywhere I go looking for positive people in the top ladder, his name is always mention as part of their success. A timeless classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is sweeping the minds of all with high influence, yet knock our head with a simple message – All you gotta do is Think and grow Rich.

What does current Dan Pena have in common with the past Napoleon Hill?

Dan Pena don’t beat around the bush, he’s a hardcore who tells it how it is. A sheer heart of steel got him where he is today. He be quick to tell you about all the years of hard work and sacrifice he put in, not only got him a castle of his own but earned him a nicknamed ’50 Billion Dollar Man’.

While Napoleon Hill may not be apparent but Andrew Carnegie could spot his drive to be consistent early on before the world checked his track record. Can you imagine giving 20 years of your life without getting paid? It took Napoleon all a matter of seconds to tell Andrew Carnegie he’s gonna work the next 20 years for him with no pay or compensation for success. Now that’s courage!

They both understood the Success Formula

Yeah it’s true we all want financial freedom…a wow home, a show car, more travel and do our own hours. Sure enough we want that, so let’s look at these two giant and throw in questions to grasp their accomplishment. In order to reflect changes needed to make big time.

What are YOU willing to pay for your financial freedom?

What are YOU willing to DO to have the things you’ve always wanted in your life?

Finally what price are you WILLING to pay if you DON’T do what it takes!

Research shows people who have little can feel the pain of their circumstances and are more apt to make a change in their lives. This is because we all naturally move toward pleasure and away from pain. Ain’t no down without an Up, I say this and man did I feel the pain. The are time when you’re fed up being so fed up, so low that you rise up from the dead. Challenge here is of course that they learn a whole new way of doing things, break away from the norm.

Those who have a lot and still strive to reach higher goals usually have already gain success principles, they may not know as it’s done subconsciously due to positive surrounding uplifting in their lives. For example a successful Forex trader are more likely to have their kids in the boat who will add new strategy and habits to what they learnt.

Where do YOU fit in here? Can you stretch out to be the best?

Are you trying to give your all? Are you tied down with payment and debt?

Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle…where you got some, just enough to keep you moving in the cycle of life?

9 out of 10 people tell me they’re 110% committed to do what it takes to succeed.

You know what? All but 1 or 2 of those 9 people are simply talking the talk and ain’t walking the walk to get it done. I ain’t going tough but an advice on Me, I really wanna wake myself up do my part because no amount of push can make me move unless I make a decision to take action.

I can tell you this though, you have to decide on financial freedom and then be willing to do what it takes to make it happen. By any mean necessary.

You can’t hope for it.
It ain’t gonna magically appear out of nowhere.
And you ain’t gonna get it from outside yourself.

Take the wisdom from the high achievers and make it your own.

You ain’t need to dedicate 20 years nor sacrifice 24/7, all I want you to do is:

Take a small step.

Go the extra mile.

Make moments each day to work on your vision or work out your muscles, both in mind and body.

Cut down on negative vibe and get working on your future

Choose It, because you can choose Life.

Commit To It, because you can.

Make It Happen.

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