Do you ever feel like your life is running on a treadmill? I mean I know that we use treadmill to get fit by running but what if your life was a conveyor belt…..


It seems like a cycle, we go to school, pass our exam, get a decent good job hoping for long term employment, save money for the rainy days let alone for your retirement and finally you hit your retirement age. That is the moment you been waiting for, to do everything you wanted.

These are the expectation you’ve been embedded to believe. Now I need to break the news, hold your breath because you gonna be surprise. Did you know only 5 out of 100 actually make it, fulfilling their retirement. Aren’t you shocked? That’s a staggering 95 out of 100 hardworking people! doesn’t seems like a happy ending. You just have to look around in your community and you will witness the financial burden of others.

So, if you want to live your life financial free, what are your options? You can always rely hitting the jackpot from winning the lottery and you know the odd for that, or you could see if you’re eligible to inherit money from your family or relative but you be waiting around for a while. Then there is way of getting high cash, by robbing a bank. Although I warn you, the consequence is really bad and not worth it for karma won’t be on your side.

So what is the conclusion? What is the best solution to be financially independent?

I start off with a quote by Rumi who is a Persian poet from the 13th century.


“It’s your road, and yours alone, others may walk with you, but no one can walk for you.”


You really gotta do it your own style and break out of the crowd.

The biggest advantage we live now is the digital age. You don’t have to fret because you got all the support you need. With the rise of internet there’s a whole new world out there, passing the 4 billion users mark. That mean 4 billion global consumers to tap in with a good plan, you can learn skills and build your own online business.

You might have some skepticism thoughts that may prevent you from taking the first step, let me throw in a quick suggestion. What if we analyse the most common reasons not wanting to start an online business:

1st Reason: I ain’t got no ability to have my own business.

Now let me get this straight – don’t ever say that and it’s not true, you are special and out of billions people in the planet no one got your fingerprint, that itself make you unique on top of your hidden talent yet to be discovered if not unveiled. Successful businesses are run by people from all walks of life with different background and capabilities. Running your own business is about solving someone’s problems and not how intelligent you gotta be.


2nd Reason: I ain’t got time to spend growing my new online business.

Ok, even if you’re working 70 hours a week you still can find time to put some effort by only dedicating couple of hours once a week then twice then three times until money start pouring in, to drop your day job. It’s not much considering the fact that it will change your life for good. It is really about starting small step at a time and managing your priorities.


3rd Reason: I don’t have the money for a new business.

That’s the amazing thing about the digital world, the cost of starting your online business don’t have to be expensive. When you look at cost of traditional business, it far outweigh the amount and means nothing in comparison to the real world businesses. Like a typical business strategies you will have profit and loss which is a good sign for fine tuning your online business.


4th Reason: I don’t think I got special skills at any of it.

Like I mention about the background it doesn’t matter what level you are, there is a good chance you know something that someone else don’t know about. You got some speciality that will make you the expert for someone else. You can also acquire knowledge about something you are really passionate about, it won’t be long before you be the leader teaching others.


5th Reason: I ain’t got nothing to sell.

That the great thing about online business, you can either sell other people’s products/service as an affiliate marketer and start making money or you can sell your own product/service of what you know there is a demand for. That’s the same as in the real world, franchise is selling other peoples’ products/service and a business of your own selling your products/service.


6th Reason: Too many people doing the same thing, so it’s pointless bidding over them.

Yes it is true, there will be others who are doing exactly what you are doing and just like traditional businesses you just gotta stand out and do better. Competition is needed to help you understand what people are looking for and gives you ideas to keep your business up to date by improving.


7th Reason: There is a lot of business opportunities out there and I tried them all yet had no joy.

It is tough when that happen but the key is to be consistent in building your own online business from scratch rather than jumping around one opportunities after another which is the cause of blocking your own success.


8th Reason: What about the whole search engine ranking, that’s going to be hard.

Rest assure there is other ways of attracting traffic for your business which mean that’s not the only method. Search engine positioning is one of the many strategies of getting traffic and customers.


9th Reason: I need to spend huge money on advertising budget to get fast results.

No that’s not true, digital world is the perfect place to do business with minor budget. And with the social media covering the globe, you can do it at no cost too.


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The secret lie today is that, if you get a decent good job and slave away for 40 odd years, then you’ll have a happy ending for your retirement. That mean we affirmed ourselves into our subconscious mind without knowing the term, Re Tired. After being tired of grinding 40 plus we will be sick and (re) tired for the remaining years. So let us re-think into financial freedom and change the way we do things.

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