These are the words that must have been going through the mind of Hajar (as)

Few thousand years before the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (saw) was born, his ancestor Ibrahim (a.s)) travelled to Hijaz. Ibrahim (as) went with his wife Hajar (as) and his newborn son Ismael (as), they traveled to the land of Arabia. Ibrahim (as) took them to what we know present day Mecca. At the time there was nothing there and nobody was living there, in fact there was no cultivation. It was a dead valley but the place where the house of Allah was built, was sacred ever since the world was created. There is a difference of opinion on who is the first one to build the Kaaba, because majority of opinion believe it was Ibrahim (as) but there are some scholars who say that Adam (as) was the first one to build it. But regardless if it was Ibrahim (as) or Adam (as) who built it, the area itself was holy and sacred from day one. Whether there was a building on it or not, the place at the centre of the map has always remained special.

The Courage Of A Woman

Ibrahim (as) and his wife with his son arrived at the valley where Zamzam was located. Of course at that time there wasn’t any Zamzam. Ibrahim (as) left both of his wife and son Ismael (as), he left them some water and leather bag full of dates. He just turned around walked away, leaving them on the spot. Prior to that Hajar (as) knew that Ibrahim (as) was going to dropped them somewhere but she didn’t expect to be left in such a place in the middle of the desert. So she followed him and said “Ibrahim are you going to leave us in a place where there is no cultivation and there’s no one living here”. It’s literally an empty land but Ibrahim (as) did not answer back. She asked him again. No response. She asked him a third time. He didn’t answer back and then Hajar(as) said “Did Allah tell you to do so?” Ibrahim (as) said “Yes”, Hajar(as) respond “Then Allah will take care of us, If this is a command from Allah then I have trust in Allah that He will take care of us.” The faith of this woman is amazing because here she is, in the middle of nowhere. Yet her thought is “if this is the command of Allah, then I have trust in Allah, Allah will take care of us, Allah will not neglect us”.

Ibrahim (as) left and when he got as far as he could not see her, where they cannot see him at all. Ibrahim (as) turned around to faced the Kaaba and made dua to Allah.

Our Lord, I have settled some of my descendants in an uncultivated valley near Your sacred House, our Lord, that they may establish prayer. So make hearts among the people incline toward them and provide for them from the fruits that they might be grateful. — (Qur’an, 14:37)

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