We just have situation in Arabia but it was in a corrupt state all over the Persian Empire, China, India, Roman Empire and all around the world. It was in a very desperate state. It needed the light of prophet, although it wasn’t entirely evil. People around the world still retained some good qualities, here are a few examples like generosity, hospitality, fulfilling of a pledge, pride, denial of shame, injustice, firm, determination, perseverance, deliberateness, pure and simple life. These are some of the good qualities, that the nonbelievers of the Arabs had in the time of Muhammad (SAW) These are the aspect that Islam benefited.

How Islam Benefited From The Characteristic Of The Arabs

As you can see that the Sahaba (RA). Because they held these qualities, they were successful in spreading the religion. Their generosity and hospitality made them welcome in the nations they would go to. The people around the world would welcome the Sahaba (RA). They weren’t like a despised occupier, Sahaba (RA) were welcomed in the lands they went to. The people saw them as a liberating army that would free them from slavery, and the servitude that they were going through. This held true for example when it came to the people of Egypt and the people of Syria, who were ruled by the Romans, they didn’t see the army that is coming in as displacing another occupying army. No, they saw them as people who are liberating them, and there was something about the Sahaba (RA), they didn’t care for power and authority. In many places they would go, they would train among the local people leadership and then they would hand it over to them. The Sahaba (RA) were out to call people to Islam, not to rip their resources like we had in the colonial era of Europe and the imperial powers of Europe, France Britain, Italy, Holland.

You Can Count On Them

These European powers went all over the world taking advantage of the people and stripping them of their wealth, but that wasn’t the case with the armies of Sahaba (RA). Their fulfillment of pledges, their firmness and determination; they were strong. You could count on them. They were powerful and when they gave a word they would stick to it.

These were qualities that were very important for Dawah and that’s why Allah (SWT) chose that particular area to host the last message. It wasn’t a haphazard thing but Allah (SWT) chose Mecca to be the birthplace of Rasul’Allah (SAW), the people in that area at that time had qualities which made them the fittest to carry the message and they pledged their lives for it and they gave their lives, they sacrificed everything for Islam.

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