This is the 11th blog of the Seerah. We left off with the religious background of idol worshiping, the Jewish faith in Arabia and finally last part will cover Christianity.

Believing In The Oneness Of Allah

When Isa (as) was sent, some of his followers dispersed in the land. Christianity was divided into many sects very early on and very early on many of these sects became disbelievers. There were misguidance which was introduced very early on into the sects of Christianity. However there are pockets of believers here and there that were able to retain the true Christian faith. That was preached by Sayyidina Isa /Jesus (as), believing in the oneness of Allah and believing that Isa is the messenger of Allah rather than being the son of God. These are concepts that were retained by some of the Christians around the world. One of these men made it into Yemen, they started preaching in the area of Najran. The religion was spreading but secretly, privately and slowly. By that time Tubban As’ad was dead and the king of Yemen was his son Dhu Nuwas, news of this new religion reached to the king and he banned it and he persecuted the followers.

He Was Supposed To leave Very Early In The Morning

There is the story in sahih Muslim (hadith) of the king and the young boy. Many scholars would attribute this story to the events between Dhu Nuwas and the Christians in Yemen. They would say that the King was Dhu Nuwas and that story is in sahih Muslim, we will go over it now. It says that the King used to deal in magic and he had a sorcerer as his adviser. This sorcerer was growing old in age, and he told the King that “I might pass away in any moment so I need to train someone to take my place. I need to inherit my skills to someone who would carry on”. They tried to find the very bright and intelligent young boy, they handpicked and assigned him as an apprentice with this sorcerer. He was supposed to leave very early on in the morning from his house, to go and study under the sorcerer then come back home at night. Now this young boy, on his way toward the sorcerer he saw a worship place and he heard prayers coming in from this place which were different. He decided to go and visit, he found it was a church of Tawheed, a unity of Allah. It was preaching the true religion of Isa (as) and he was very impressed by what he was hearing. But he is supposed to be studying with the sorcerer. So he asked the priest “What can I do?” the priest told him “When you leave home visit me and come and study with me, then go to the sorcerer and if he tells you how come you’re late tell him because my parents delayed me, on your way back visit me and when you get home when your parents tell you how come you’re late, tell them that the sorcerer delayed me so you could take a class in the morning and take a class at evening”. This meant he could continue doing that for a while.

Oh Allah today I want to know whether the path of the priest or the path of the sorcerer is the truth. Oh Allah show me the truth

One day in the marketplace certain beast entered into the marketplace and caused chaos among the people. No one was able to deal with it so this young boy said “Oh Allah today I want to know whether the path of the priest or the path of the sorcerer is the truth. Oh Allah show me the truth”. Everyone was attempting to kill this beast and no one succeeded, then the boy picked up a rock and said “Oh Allah…if the path of the priest is the truth then killed this animal”. He threw the rock and it killed the animal immediately. He went back and reported this to the priest, he told him what happened. The priest told him “My son today you have achieved a very high status. Therefore you will be tested. You will go through trials”.

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala Brought Us On This Earth For A Test

No one can reach such a high status without being tested by Allah. In exams the better the student the more difficult the exam should be, because you want to tell the difference between the levels of the students. You have easy questions which everyone is able to answer and then you have medium difficulty and then you have difficulty, finally you are very difficult because you want to distinguish the A plus from the A minus. Why? you want to tell the difference, same thing Allah (swt) has brought us on this earth for a test. And according to your level you would be tested, Rasul’Allah (saw) says “The ones who go through the most difficult tests are the Anbiya”. So this priest was telling the young boy you will be tested. Then he told him that when you are tested “Do not disclose my name” because the priest was doing his dawah in secret, he doesn’t want his name to be exposed. This is not out of fear but for the security of the dawah. Down the road you will see that the priest was a very courageous man. I mean you might wonder why is he saying don’t mention my name, what is he afraid of? How come he can’t just go outside and say here I am. I’m a Muslim and invite everybody openly. Why is he afraid? Why is he keeping it secret? But you will see that the priest was a very courageous man but he was a wise man too.

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