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I want them back

14th Seerah Two hundred of these camels belonged to Abdul Muttalib the grandfather of Rasul’Allah (saw). Abdul Muttalib came out of Mecca to meet with…
Deen Ali
April 18, 2020

An Assorted Pick

The King And The Boy

11th Seerah – The King And The Young Boy

This is the 11th blog of the Seerah. We left off with the religious background of idol worshiping, the Jewish faith in Arabia and finally…

3. A Woman Who Has More Followers Than Anyone In History

Why do we run up and down the mountain of Safa and Marwah? This is a story of a courageous woman Hajar (عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ) When Ibrahim(as)…

12th Seerah – Who Cured You?

The associate of the king was blind and he came to this young boy to cure him because he studied under the sorcerer to qualify,…
8. He is the one who even fed the birds in the sky
7. One Day A Man Comes In To Claim His Nephew
13th Seerah – He Traveled All The Way
6. Ismael(as) grew up with them and learn the Arabic language
1. Are You Going To Leave Us In The Middle Of Nowhere?
5. Yemen was the birthplace of the Arab people.